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We are blessed to have both male and female sales and installation professionals. Some of these people have with us up to 30 years. There is a symbiotic relationship between our sales staff and installation mechanics. We encourage our sales staff to participate in installations. Conversely, we teach our installation pros to learn and sell. Installation time varies depending on the products being installed, this is something we like to discuss with you during our in home consultation.

To schedule installation services, please contact us.

Shop at Home

Media Floors & Hacienda Flooring offers free estimates and makes diagrams by hand on graph paper on site so we can see first hand the condition of the area needed flooring, eliminating some of the surprises that can pop up. We like to set aside 30 min to an hour for the measurement, but it can be longer depending on the size of the home and the products discussed. 

We do not necessarily see ourselves as sales people, but as educators. During our consultations we identify our clients' desires and needs and then provide options so they may make good decisions. Shop at home is so valuable. We can pay attention to wall color, furniture design, and lighting which cannot be duplicated on a sales floor. Also, in home consultations relieve the pressure to make a hasty decision. 


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